Alanta Manor Museum-Gallery

Alanta manor was built in 1885 and is considered as a piece of neo-romanticism. Tadeusz Pac-Pomarnacki, the last owner of Alanta Manor, used to reside here in the summer time and absolutely adored it. While trying to become like other wealthy landowners, he started collecting furniture, chandeliers, etc. Life there was peaceful until the First World War. During the soviet times the manor building was adapted and used as a school, office of the soviet collective farm, cooperative store, and even people were accomodated here. Later the palace became a place of culture.

The Great Hall, with its unique fire place, is still the most important part of the building. Photographs from the early XIX century are exposed here. Old and authentic wooden staircase, which leads to the second floor, became famous after 1972, when the legendary movie “Tadas Blinda” was filmed here.

Vaidotas Žukas Art Gallery inside the palace was opened in 2015. 8 halls contain 189 paintings and other artwork of V. Žukas, Lithuanian painter.

Blessed Teofilius Matulionis Collection was set up in 2 halls on the second floor in 2018.

Ethnographical Collection, found in 1968, belonged to locally famous librarian Elvyra Satkūnaitė.

Folk artist Jonas Matelionis Collection of Toys and Devices can be found here, too.

Alanta Manor Museum-Gallery
Parko st. 5, Alanta, Molėtų r.

Opening hours:
II–VII 10–18
Closed for maintenance on last Wednesday of the month.

Adults – 2,00 €
Families, students, pensioners – 1,00 €

Up to 25 people – 15,00 €, more than 25 people – 25,00 €
Educational programs – 5,00 € per person.

More information and registration:
Phone No.: +370 665 15756, +370 612 10538