The Fishing Museum

The Fishing museum in Mindūnai is ready for visitors both in summer and winter, rain or shine. Here you will get to know local fishing traditions and learn everything fishing related, since it’s the only museum of its kind (Ethnographical fishing collection) here in Lithuania.

Oldest exhibits – canoe-type boats, dating back to the XV century. Also, an exceptional 1918–1939 fishing exhibit collection from National Museum of Lithuania.

The history of fishing of the past century will excite anyone’s curiosity. Our collection, consisting of over 870 exhibits, features some of the oldest hand-made fishing hooks and other equipment – all types of fishing nets, rods, and even shoes.

A traditional Winter Fishing festival has been held every year since 1995 on the last Saturday of February.

An old vendace and sparling winter fishing method – a unique and also one of the trickiest netting methods is showcased on the ice of lake Baltieji Lakajai during the Winter Fishing festival.

The World Angling Champions 'Sigitas Lukšta and Gintautas Šiukščius’ award and trophy collection is also a twinkling and shining sight to see here.

The Fishing Museum
Muziejaus st. 7, Mindūnai, Molėtų r. 9th km, road Molėtai–Ignalina

Opening hours:
II–VII 9–17
Closed for maintenance on last Wednesday of the month.

Adults – 4,00 €
Families, students, pensioners – 2,00 €
Tickets are also valid for Antanas Truskauskas Hunting and Nature Exposition

Up to 25 people – 15,00 €, more than 25 people – 25,00 €

More information and registration:
Phone No.: +370 698 33018