The Museum of Molėtai

Create a museum together

The Cultural Office of Molėtai is currently being renovated and will be opened shortly. Molėtai Art Gallery was opened on the 23 of August, while the new exhibition of the Museum of Molėtai is still being developed. We desire to create a new, interesting, attractive and informative Museum, which will impress every visitor with our “genius loci”.

The region of Molėtai is a special and an exceptional place. Just outside the city we have a unique archaeological site: the remains of two 2500 year old lake settlements built on stilts were found in 2000, in the Luokesai lake. The oldest wooden spoon in Lithuania was also found in the same lake.

Two noble families of Giedraičiai and Radvilos used to reside in Molėtai region. There used to be a XV century castle of Vytautas in the town of Dubingiai, which was governed by Radvilos in XVI-XVII centuries. In 1547 the most distinguished woman in Lithuanian history – Barbora Radvilaitė – lived in Dubingiai castle for 6 months, while waiting for her marriage with Žygimantas Augustas. The greatest Lithuanian love story left us a few lovers’ letters.

Giedraičiai family was always notable for its famous and important people. Blessed Mykolas Giedraitis, a world famous intellectual and French editor Jerzy Giedroyc (1906-2000) and other ecclesiasts, public and social activists, scientists, etc., all come from this noble family.

Before the Second World War, our region spoke not just one, but a few languages at once – Lithuanian, Yiddish, Polish and Russian. Holocaust, partisan movement and exile were etched into the history of our region, and its face was completely changed by the soviet times.

We are hoping to introduce you to all these things in the forthcoming exhibition of The Museum of Molėtai.

The Museum of Molėtai