Videniškiai Monastery Museum

Built in 1754, this unique 2 storey stately structure was home to the brothers of Canons Regular of Penance of the Blessed Martyrs.

The history of noble Giedraičiai family comes to life in Videniškiai Monastery Museum.

Fresco portraits – the only ones in Lithuanian province. Capitula Hall on the second floor was decorated (1762) with the portraits of Monastery Elders (Infulatus). For decades these fresco portraits were hidden under a thick layer of wall paint. Admire 10 portraits, painted more than 200 years ago, of Monastery Elders, who lived here before the XVIII century.

Blessed Mykolas Giedraitis a true legend, beatified in 2019. Here you will learn everything about this man and his miracles.

The ideas of the brilliant Jurgis Giedraitis (Jerzy Giedroyc) have outlived him and can be found here, too.

In 1753, under the domes of the monastery, Mykolas Olševskis (Michał Olszewski) wrote his book “Broma, atverta ing viečnastį” (The Open Gate to Eternity). It later became a literary monument to the written Lithuanian language.

400 Easter Eggs! Folk artist Vanda Giedrytė has donated her Easter egg collection to the museum, and it has found its place in the halls of the monastery, too.

On the 4th day of every month, the day of the Blessed Mykolas Giedraitis is celebrated. After the Mass at Videniškiai church, you are welcome to the Monastery and its events.

We have alternating exhibition spaces in the Monastery Museum, also educational programs of Christmas wafer baking and Candle making are available.

Videniškiai Monastery Museum
Šilelio st. 6a, Videniškių k., Molėtų r.

Opening hours:
II, IV, VI 9–17. After November 9th: II-VII 9-17.
Closed for maintenance on last Wednesday of the month.

Adults – 2,00 €
Families, students, pensioners – 1,00 €

Up to 25 people – 15,00 €, more than 25 people – 25,00 €
Educational programs – from 1,00 € per person.

More information and registration:
Phone No.: +370 695 60065