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Your support is much appreciated. The Fishing Museum in Mindūnai is gathering funds for the restoration and conservation of an ancient canoe-type boat, Videniškiai Monastery Museum – for the New Testament, published by the Bishop of Samogitia Arnulfas Giedraitis in 1816. Alanta Manor Museum-Gallery is hoping to acquire a very important porcelain collection, which is very similar to the original one, which is lost. Visitors can also donate for the publishing of Jonas Vaiškūnas book on Lithuanian Zodiac at the Ethnographical Hut.

You can support The Museum of Molėtai

The Museum of Molėtai has received a status of financial aid recipient on April 27th, 2004.

From january 1st to July 1st, permanent residents of Lithuania are able to submit a request form to assign up to 1,2% of their annual income-tax to the Museum of Molėtai. It is a form of donation, which does not require any additional financial input from the donator. This is not extra tax, but already paid tax, an inherent part of compulsory payments to the state. Simply said, they can give financial support without losing any money. All it takes is to claim that they don’t want the state to receive all their tax, instead they wish to support an initiative they believe is essential.

Request form:

Request form can be found here. It has to be submitted online, State Tax Inspectorate website.

If online submission is not possible, local office of State Tax Inspectorate should be contacted.

Beneficiary’s details

First and last names, ID code and permanent residence (address) of the donator and the data about the recipient are required:

Recipient: Molėtų krašto muziejus;

Recipient code: 188202764;

Address: Inturkės g. 4, Molėtai;

Bank: Luminor Bank AB;

Bank code: 40100;

Bank account number: LT904010045500109931.

Period under review (e.g. 2019) and the sum of 1,2% of annual income-tax has to be declared in the form.

We are sincerely grateful for your support!