Molėtai Museum is a social and open organization that collects, restores, and preserves historical artefacts and serves its visitors.

We care about the historical and cultural development of our region. Our collections help us educate our visitors and tell the most important stories. We are trying to stay actively engaged in a dialogue with the local society and anyone interested in our region.

We hope that every time you visit one of our departments or exhibitions you have a great time, that families and people want to spend time with our stories and educate themselves in history and arts.


The archive was started in 1989, even before the registration of the museum.

The archive is divided into categories:

  1. History – historical events, memoirs, settlement descriptions and maps, collective farm records, lists of exiles, partisans, soviet soldiers, etc.
  2. Local lore studies society, Molėtai division – plans, accounts and reports, conference details, lists of workers and members, financial and other documents, etc.
  3. Religion and Monuments – churches and other religious buildings of the region, etc.
  4. Ethnography – folklore, names of places, traditions, buildings, furniture, folk arts, etc.
  5. People – famous people of the region – scientists, sportsmen, writers, teachers, priests, social and other activists, etc.
  6. Cultural Heritage – historical and cultural monuments – lists, descriptions, etc.
  7. Nature – works on flora and fauna, research, etc.
  8. Education – history of schools and education in the region.
  9. Archeology – archeological sites, descriptions, accounts and reports, etc.
  10. Literature – writers of Molėtai region, their work, etc.
  11. Culture
  12. Sport

The archive is available to access for Molėtai Museum and other researchers interested in our region.